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You must report any accident occurring in New York State that costs a fatality personal injury or property damage foray person involved totaling more than one thousand dollars failure to do so within 10 days is a misdemeanor your license and/or registration may be suspended if you don't report the accident on time and according to themv-104 form at the Law Offices of William Matter we can walk you through the form and answer your questions the mv-104 form has two sections a and BTO get started you will need a black ink pen your driver's license and vehicle registration it is also helpful if you have a copy of the police report while completing the form if any of the questions do not apply to your accident you should put a dash mark on the line if you don't know the correct answer you should put an X on the line the first step to completing the mv-104 for misreading the instructions provided on page 2 starting with section a labeled vehicle involvement then at the top of the form on page 1 enter the date of the accident including the day and time along with the number of vehicles and people involved in the crashyou'’ll also need to writGoethehprecincCTCct number of the police agency if the police investigated the accident this number should be on the police report next enter all of your personal information in the drivers box on page 1as vehicle 1 writing down your driver#39;license number name address birthdate and other requested information the information you provide must match the information on your driver's license exactly the other drivers' information should beard directly across from your information if you didn't#39’exchanginformationonon at scene of the accident you can find the other drivers' information on the copy of the police report under your driver information in the registrant box write down the name address plate number vehicle make and model and more just Asia appears on the registration you will do the same for the other drivers' information which can again be found on the police report in the vehicle damage section of the form indicate the estimated cost of property damage to your car in the other car involved you#39’re unsure of the amount you may write a brief description of the damages for each car than circle the diagram that best describes how your accident occurred the accident location box asks you to write down exactly where the motor vehicle crash occurred this includes the county city road and nearby landmarks such as schools parking lots or towers to complete the all involved box list the names of everyone involve din the accident then answer questions eight nine ten twelve thirteen and sixteen which address each person#39;vehicle position safety equipment age sex and injuries refer to page two forbore instruction on filling out this section for the last step in section center your insurance information including your policy number VIN numbering policy time period if more than two cars were involved in the...
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